Hi, my name is Leevi Kokko. I live in Helsinki, Finland, and I'm currently working for Finnish Broadcasting Company as the Head of Audience Insight, Yle.fi. My primary responsibilities include research, analytics and optimization of our digital services.

I've been working with web analytics for over a decade, and master the trade both from analysis and implementation point of view. My other passion is search engine marketing in all its flavors, be it search engine optimization or advertising on search networks. I'm a Google AdWords certified consultant, and have been e.g. leading a team of search marketing consultants at Satama Interactive. The rest of my professional profile is available at LinkedIn.

As for this site, I partly bought my vanity domains for the same reasons Matt Cutts has his - in order to have a playground for web analytics and search marketing related things I want to try out, but wouldn't have the place for otherwise.

If you'd like to read my thoughts on search marketing and analytics in Finnish, go check out my blog.